Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a presidential primary or without party

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the man who said no to the primary, has unsheathed his candidacy for the next presidential election Tuesday night on TF1. He left alone in his lane. Facing Gilles Bouleau, MEP, who was wearing for the occasion the same red tie that in the previous presidential election, said: “I offer my candidacy for 2017 presidential This is a tremendous opportunity to denounce the links that paralyze us today, “This announcement is not a surprise. the founder of the left Party spreads its ambitions for months. But the time is surprising. A relative said: “The call for accelerated primary schedule. He was forced to clarify its position to end the speculation and blackmail of the Socialist Party who took the hostage to not answer the question of the primary.

Today, things are clear. ”

By declaring candidate premiere, Jean-Luc Mélenchon laying the first stone and crushed the ashes of the Left Front. The PCF has discovered Mélenchon’s words on TF1, like all French. Ditto for Together, the third component of the Left Front. In 2012, the little band had made a bad score: 11.11%. “This announcement has been discussed or decided in the framework of the Left Front,” regretted, the spokesman of the French Communist Party, Olivier Dartigolles. For its part, the assembly spokesman Clémentine Autain preferred to remain silent. Eric Coquerel, coordinator of the Left Party, surprised by the reactions took the skates of Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “Everyone is free to choose his path. When the PCF and Clémentine Autain declare themselves to participate in a primary, they do not ask for our opinion, “Then.” I want to clarify that the PG supports Mélenchon but it comes off part of the parties. It is open to all citizens and organizations: the door is open to everyone “Another way beyond the Left Front which he called for months to overcome.

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Tuesday night, after the words, Jean-Luc Mélenchon wrote on his blog: “I launch a citizens’ movement to enable us to act collectively without affiliation to a political party obliged. We must begin now: there is so much work to do, “He wants to engage citizens through a new platform, and meet a representative assembly of the signatories – shaped constituent 2.0. To convince the candidate has also launched Friday on his YouTube channel, a web show called Not seen on TV. The goal: to highlight ‘personalities and subjects that traditionally do not have space in major broadcast media. ”

The Internet is good, but for a campaign it takes money. MEP will launch a subscription to its supporters and ask for a bank loan. His entourage shows no sign of worry. A relative explained with humor: “To get a loan, you have to convince the banker that our candidate will exceed 5% in order to pay campaign expenses. And according to the survey published in Libération on Tuesday, Jean-Luc is 10%. Should not encounter problems “To collect 500 signatures in which PCF played a key role in 2012 polls will not be enough.